Building a healthy relationship can be hard! Let’s be real, we’ve all been through the unhappy cycle of dating the same type of person over and over. You meet someone, it doesn’t work out. You meet someone else who has the same traits as the last person, and it still doesn’t work out. And on it goes until we finally decide to break the cycle and choose healthier relationships. But how do you know when you’re in a healthy relationship? How do you know this one is different from the others? I’m no expert, but I’ve come up with 5 key signs that let you know you’re in a healthy relationship. 

  1. You Feel Good

    Probably the easiest indication of a healthy relationship is that you feel good about it. And I don’t just mean the first 8 weeks of getting to know each other and enjoying the honeymoon phase. I mean months into the relationship you wake up and it still seems like a good idea to date this person. I mean having deep belly laughs and inside jokes, date nights and romantic getaways. If you find yourself getting excited to get groceries with your honey then you’ve probably got a good thing going. 

  2. You Communicate

    More often than not, the reason a relationship ends is because one or both parties involved don’t know how to communicate their feelings. Be it feelings of love, feelings of hurt, feelings of anger, etc. Communication is the key to building a healthy relationship. So when you’re in a healthy relationship you learn to communicate your feelings because you know that telling someone you care for how you feel is the only way they can understand you, and vice versa. 

  3. Your Partner Supports You

    Being with someone who supports your dreams, goals, and life plan is a huge indicator of a healthy relationship. When someone truly loves you they won’t try to dim your light, instead they encourage you and help you grow. Whether its a decision to live a certain lifestyle, a weight-loss goal, or a far fetched career plan (like becoming a blogger), if your partner support your decision without clause or judgement then they’re someone you should keep around.

  4. You Have Productive Conflicts

    The truth is that conflicts are an inevitable part of any relationship, but it’s how we handle these conflicts that determine how healthy a relationship is. If you and your partner are unable to resolve conflicts, they fester and grow into anger or resentment, which can lead to bigger more explosive fights, or even breaking up. When you’re able to work productively through a conflict by listening to one another and offering sincere apologies, then letting go of the conflict without holding on to negative feelings, you open yourself up to learning more about each other. When you find yourself laughing and cuddling after an argument, you know you’ve got something your therapist would be proud of.

  5. You Are Honest With Each Other

    In my opinion there is nothing more important in a relationship than honesty. Being honest with someone means more than just not lying, but also being able to share your true self, like showing someone who you really are past the “honeymoon” and the “getting to know you” phases. The most vulnerable thing you can do is be 100% yourself in a relationship. That means everything from sharing your trauma, to admitting that it was you who farted on the couch, and everything in between. If you can share these things with your partner, and they still love and respect you, then you are in a healthy relationship.